Succession Planning

Succession Planning focuses on the Board’s primary responsibility of ensuring that excellent leadership is in place at all times. A thoughtful and intentional planning process is crucial for any organization to be prepared for the potential departure of a leader.

AES and KEES will work with the Executive Committee and/or identified Board leadership committee, who will lead the SP.

The SP Committee will be asked to commit to as many as four meetings over a period of six months. Insight and input will be sought on how to define the transition process.

AES and KEES will assist with planning meetings, acting as facilitator for all meetings, interfacing with key stakeholders in confidential conversations, and utilizing all information gleaned from those meetings and discussions to draft a Leadership Transition Plan.

The most effective Succession Planning process occurs in the six months preceding an active search for a new leader. At a minimum, 90 days can be utilized to conduct the planning before a search commences.

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