Retained Executive Search Services

As a retained search firm, we focus on finding the right person for your organization and ensure that (s)he is successful in the short and long-term.  Our holistic approach to Executive Search is based on several key principles:

  • For a new hire to be successful in any position, success must first be clearly defined.
  • Past performance is the greatest predictor of future achievement.
  • Targeted and creative strategies must be utilized to develop a candidate pool with breadth and depth, as quickly as possible.
  • Chemistry is important: when making candidate recommendations; as objective advisors we look for an affinity between you, the candidate, and the overall team.
  • Balance between chemistry, past performance, and future potential is KEE to ensure the right fit.

Our track record of successful national and local searches for organizations and our long-term client relationships are proof that our philosophy and approach deliver the desired results.

Our typical searches include Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officer, Executive Director, VP/Director of Resource Development, Chief Financial and Chief Information Officer, Director of Marketing, and other key leadership positions.


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