Team Building / Style Assessment

High performing teams are not created by chance;  it takes intentionality, planning, and regular focus to ensure a team is performing at its ultimate capacity.    Every team’s success depends on many factors, including a common vision, clear goals, regular communication, and dedication from the team leader.  Underneath all this is the stylistic tendencies of every team member.   Identifying personality traits, and natural gifts and preferences of team members’ personality assessment makes it possible to determine steps to improve team dynamics, establishing effective collaboration, improving motivation, and managing conflicts.   Our team uses the DiSC® profile for both individual Executive Coaching and Team Building partnerships.

DISC Profile System is utilized to assist leaders and individuals in better understanding their behavior, job and team patterns and the behavior of others.  DISC helps to create an understanding of the dynamics that assists in influencing communications, styles and positive relationships.  The foundation of success lies in the understanding of self, the understanding of others and the realization of the impact our behavior has on others.  All these factors are significant in their impact the outcomes of projects.


Benefits of undertaking a DiSC project include:

  •  Become a better leader to your team, understand how to effectively motivate your team members, manage conflicts and uncover potential conflicts
  • Understand your team members and how to uncover potential “blind spots” or areas of soft skill your team may be lacking
  • Gain strategies for building better project teams that will ensure projects are successful, and even exceed goals.
  • Optimize your team members’ responsibilities to maximize performance
  • Learn how to better manage your boss by understanding his/her style.