Human Resources (HR) Consulting

Analysis, Support, and Counsel

Our team recognizes there are many active components of leading a highly successful HR department.  Business and employee needs often compete for resources which can put even the best HR team in the role of crisis managers and problem solvers.   Sometimes your team just needs a bit more bench strength to achieve its goals and that is where we come in and help.  From building a Human Resources strategic plan that support your organizations mission  to  being and extra “ear” to bounce ideas off of, we are positioned to assist you with a full range of HR “just in time” support.

Through our project-based support, we provide expert guidance, allowing your other team members to focus on their primary roles.

Areas of Analysis and Support can Include:

  • Assess HR strategic plan or develop one to support your organizational objectives
  • Strengthen your Employee Handbook(s) to align with a culture of accountability, current trends, and compliance requirements.
  • Performance Management Program and Refinement
    • Performance Evaluation Process & Tools
    • Merit and Incentive Programs
    • Performance Improvement Process
  • Personnel Records Audit
    • Review Records retention laws
    • Evaluate I-9 Compliance
    • Government Notice
  • Evaluate staff salary structure and total compensation packages.
  • Review all current human resources policies and practices to conduct a gap analysis.